In-House Training & Accreditation

Any structured working group that requires the input, engagement and commitment of every participant would benefit from a trained facilitator. 

Training facilitators on an in-house basis offers many benefits and is both time and cost efficient.  Not only do participants develop practical skills and tools to use every day, they gain insights into the most effective way to achieve the organisation's strategic aims. The organisation benefits from an improved pool of facilitation skills which helps achieve shared tasks with a practical awareness of the underlying process and relationships.

Facilitators learn to manage change and mediate conflicts between people and their stated positions through building shared visions, excellent listening skills and appreciative inquiry. We equip facilitators to work explicitly with system dynamics and organisational behaviours to support the aims of their groups.

Facilitators can:

  • Keep participants focused on the task
  • Flex their facilitation style to the needs of the group
  • Work skilfully with how the group achieves its task – the group process
  • Work skilfully with what lies below the surface – the group dynamic
  • Work skilfully with the process of managing organisational change
  • Create a learning environment that supports the whole group and the whole person
  • Be aware of and sensitive to energy, emotion and engagement
  • Identify, address, coach and transform difficult, defensive or resistant behaviours
  • Support decision-making, action-planning and 'holding to account’
  • Generate consensus, shared vision and commitment

We are open to working creatively with organisations considering in-house training, for example, some groups have involved clients, suppliers and external partners in the training which offers many practical benefits in terms of cost and attendance, strengthens working relationships and opens up business opportunities.

All of our courses can be offered on an in-house basis, including those that lead to accreditation:

In addition, facilitation skills training can be tailored for your particular organisation or industry, e.g:

  • Facilitation Skills for Management Consultants
  • Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Change Managers
  • Facilitation Skills for Human Resource Professionals
  • Facilitation Skills for Client-Facing Roles
  • Facilitation Skills for New Managers and Team Leaders
  • Facilitation Skills for Established Managers and Leaders
  • Facilitation Skills for Community Groups
  • Facilitation Skills for Coaches, Therapists and Supervisors

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and submit a proposal for in-house training.