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Facilitation skills are essential for healthy leadership, management and participation in groups, and that these skills can be developed by anyone, working at any level, with any group.  Through our training courses, we encourage and support individuals to discover and develop their own style of facilitation for maximum presence and impact.

Most of us have led or been members of groups that are healthy and high performing … as well as those that are not. We can understand the difference in both quality and in outcomes that good facilitation brings to groups and organisations.

Even if we are not formally called a ‘facilitator’ we can find ourselves in that role through our involvement in the various groups within which we live and work – work, community, family, interests etc. We start to develop our own style, skills and preferences as well as picking up habits and blind spots along the way.

Training with us is a chance to get beneath the surface of what good facilitation looks and feels like, and how you can develop the tools, techniques and most importantly the confidence and personal awareness to support the aims of the groups that you work with, whether you work within an organisation or on a freelance basis.

Working experientially and holistically with models and a competency framework unique to group facilitation (FACETS®), we offer a suite of courses and several pathways to becoming an Accredited Facilitator.

We also offer bespoke in-house training to organisations wishing to train and accredit a number of facilitators.