Practitioner Accreditation

AoF’s accreditation process is based on the understanding that effectiveness as a facilitator rests on a combination of experienced practice and a sound theoretical underpinning. To gain AoF recognition, applicants must be able to demonstrate they are competent in both areas.

The accreditation process involves applicants:

  • demonstrating that they have identified and reviewed their experience, reflected on it and provided evidence which demonstrates the learning they have gained from it.
  • presenting the outcomes of their analysis in a portfolio which enables AoF to undertake a meaningful comparison against their standards for quality and professional practice.

The process involves applicants first engaging reflectively with their development as a facilitator, and next gathering evidence of their skill and competence as a facilitator in the form of a portfolio presented in person at an interview:

  • Practitioners identify, review and reflect on their range of experience and learning as a facilitator
  • Analysis, evidence of skill/experience/learning, including client and peer feedback, is compiled into a portfolio. (Evidence can be submitted in a variety of formats such as text, video, audio, communication materials)
  • The portfolio of evidence is reviewed by AoF and independent confirmation of selected qualifications, skills and feedback is sought
  • The practitioner attends an interview, witnessed by other applicants, at which he/she presents an overview of their portfolio, answers questions, shares and receives feedback.
  • A level of accreditation and written feedback are offered
  • Accredited practitioners are supported to self-regulate and continue their development

While the preparation of the portfolio is largely a self-directed activity, significant support is provided by AoF in the form of a detailed workbook and a one-to-one support person who is available for telephone/skype calls.  From application to accreditation is typically a 4-6 week process, depending on spaces available on our Practitioner Accreditation Days.


There are two options for members who wish to re-accredit with us:

Option 1: For applicants who wish to re-accredit at the same level (short process)

This route provides a process for applicants to review/revisit a previous statement of accreditation and a simple edit to ensure it reflects

  • any change in focus of practice
  • any competencies that have been developed/consolidated
  • key insights and learning

In this method, applicants will review their recent experiences using FACETS®, provide a short written self-assessment, attend a virtual support call and (usually) an in-person interview on the accreditation day.  The short process can take 2-4 weeks elapsed – alongside your normal activities - and the cost is £350+VAT.  Re-accreditation dates are usually held in March, July and November.

Option 2: For applicants who wish to re-accredit at a higher level (long process)

This route is similar to the full Practitioner Accreditation Process described above and in the workbook.  However, you and your work will be known to us, particularly if you trained with us and attended our Learning Days, and your previous application/learning record may form a part of your application.  We would ask you to provide evidence (self, client, peer) of additional competencies, offer three support calls and an interview.  There is a detailed workbook to guide you through that process which will take 4-6 weeks elapsed - alongside your normal activities - and the cost would be £550+VAT.

Please download an extract from the workbook which describes the process in more detail.

Costs, Dates, Location and Application

The cost of Practitioner Accreditation Accreditation or Re-Accreditation (the long process) is £550 + VAT which includes the workbook, one-to-one support and attendance at an accreditation day.  

The cost of Re-Accreditation via the short process is £350 + VAT which includes one-to-one support and attendance at an accreditation day.

Our forthcoming accreditation dates can be found by visiting our calendar and take place at Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire.
To request further information or register your interest (application closes 1 month before date), please contact us