Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics is a short course that will immerse you in the ebb and flow of human relations, raising awareness of the deeper issues that influence group behaviour, and developing facilitator skills that access the group dynamic and maximise learning from experience. It is designed for those who want to work at depth with groups, and for those wish to enhance their skill when managing difficult situations, raising awareness and leading change.

About The Course

In this two day workshop you will explore your personal process as a group member and the direct impact that this has on your facilitator style in the full range of groups, clients and situations that you might work with. You will become aware of the effect that prevailing group and system dynamics has on you, including; your attitudes, assumptions, personal triggers and defences. Time is given to explore the nature of projection and transference, and to developing personal strategies for handling them. You will become more comfortable in handling situations as they emerge, and more aware of the subtle influence that you have on a group, and vice versa.

Course Content

We will explore your role as group facilitator using a range of theoretical models such as Basic and Sophisticated Workgroups (Bion), Power, Hierarchy and Interventions (Heron), Team Dysfunction (Lencioni), Organisational Gestalt (Nevis et al), FIRO-B (Schultz) as well as more traditional models such as Stages of Group Development (Tuckman and Jensen) and core concepts of organisational and systems theory. Practical facilitation skills will include:

  • Understanding and raising awareness of group dynamics
  • Understanding your role and impact on groups – contracting and managing expectations
  • Skilfully confronting negative dynamics that hinder productivity
  • Facilitative and Authoritative Interventions
  • Working relationally with all stages of group development
  • Seeing the group as a system with relationships to other systems (systemics, constellations)
  • Creative approaches including sculpting, movement, image-work, etc.

Who is this for?

This is for all facilitators who wish to work explicitly with Group Dynamics whether the purpose is developmental, business-related, educational, community-building, problem solving or restorative. Typically, people who attend are:

  • working within an organisation as a change agent, group/team leader, manager, director  or project manager
  • in chairing roles at meetings with developmental, strategic or operational purpose (be that business, charity or education)
  • occasionally called upon to facilitate groups, meetings and teams
  • working as a consultant, change agent, trainer to a client organisation
  • embarking upon a career in facilitation or leadership

Costs, Dates, Location and Application

The cost of this two day open course is £780. This price includes VAT, lunch and all course materials but does not include an overnight stay (approximately £80-100pn). This module can be taken with the module as part of the programme leading to accreditation.

If you are interested in attending please also read the information for participants and complete the application form.