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Constellations Learning Day Introductory Read
On Monday March 25th 2024 I will be facilitating a learning day for AoF on the topic of
constellations. I thought it would be helpful to outline how and why I see constellations as a
valuable tool for facilitators. Read article in full >
AoF Survey 2024
In late 2023, we conducted a survey of facilitators in the UK, inviting responses from AoF
membership and beyond, including from those who buy facilitation services. Read article in full >
A Co-operative Enquiry into the facilitation of online video calls
In May 2020, during the coronavirus outbreak, and with various degrees of lockdown in operation across the world, we hosted a cooperative enquiry session into our experiences of facilitating meetings using video technology. Read article in full >
Robin Shohet et al: Love over Fear: an experience of assessment
Postgraduate students and tutors share their experiences of a method of assessment that aims to ‘reduce fear and develop love’ and offers unique learning opportunities. Read article in full >
Bella Mehta: The organisational impact of facilitation skills
Bella enquires into how facilitation can generate a positive impact in organisations with many examples, quotes and stories. Read article in full >
Brian Watts: Lessons from Group Facilitation - How awareness of group dynamics can substantially add to coaching
How an awareness of team dynamics might add to the quality of 1-1 coaching. Read article in full >
Gina Blackie: Foundation Course in Facilitation Skills - A remarkable journey of self discovery
After completing the Foundations in Facilitation Skills Course, Gina Blackie writes about her experience as a participant and the depth of learning that has taken place. Read article in full >
David Best: Leadership & Ego States - Prodigy or Pathology
An address written for the World Conference of TA.  David questions what healthy leadership looks like, carefully developing ideas from his experience at the heart of global business.  He includes Gestalt/TA influenced vignettes analysing three particular leader situations "The Toddler in the Toyshop", "The Bully in the Playground" and "The Sage".
Originally presented in 2008. Read article in full >
Bella Mehta: Group Dynamics
Learning more about the invisible assumptions, experiences and behaviours of groups is an essential leadership skill.
Originally published in ILM's magazine, The Edge, April 2013. Read article in full >
Bella Mehta: Employee Engagement - Facilitation is the Missing Link
What difference can facilitation can make to people's relationships with their organisations?  
Originally published in Training Journal, April 2013. Read article in full >
FACETS® Self Evaluation Version (for Guest Members)
Guest Members can download this Self Evaluation of our Facilitators Competency Model, FACETS® by entering the password supplied with their welcome email.
Open Self Evaluation Version of FACETS© >
Code of Practice Client Version (for Affiliate and Accredited Members)
Affiliate and Accredited Members can download this 'client-ready' version of our Code of Practice by entering the password supplied with their welcome email.
Open Code of Practice (Client Version) >
Interview with Robin Shohet
In this interview, Robin shares some thoughts on the profound ways in which supervision can facilitate change that enriches individuals and organisations. Read interview in full >
Paul Barber: Becoming a Practitioner Researcher - Introduction
This is the introduction to Paul Barber's book, Becoming a Practitioner Researcher.
Read introduction >
Paul Barber: Becoming a Practitioner Researcher - Chapter 1
This is chapter one of Paul Barber's book, Becoming a Practitioner Researcher.
Read chapter >
Paul Barber: Group as Teacher
To motivate and develop personnel while fostering a co-operative team spirit presents a major challenge for business communities.  This account raises awareness to the organisational 'dragons' that await change agents. Read article in full >