AoF Consultancy

We offer consultancy services to clients, organisations and communities who are seeking a client-centred, change-agent, awareness-raising style of engagement.

We view good facilitation as central to continuing professional development, healthy team performance and high organisational effectiveness, as well as a useful intervention at key times of change or stress. We seek to work in partnership with clients to draw out best practice in mixed teams within organisational systems and communities.

Typically, whether a long or short assignment, we take a detailed brief which helps us design a way to help a group to: understand and make sense of their situation; develop a plan of action themselves; gain commitment; follow up a course of action and end their engagement with us.

We generally work with clients over several sessions, although we do occasionally offer one-off facilitation engagements for groups wishing to review, refresh or improve their engagement and communications, e.g. away days. We work in a variety of ways; for example

  • offering an opportunity to connect in a new way to free-up and fuel good working relationships
  • Reviewing operational patterns, plans and culture for efficiency and effectiveness
  • using psychometric instruments (such as MBTI, FIRO-B, SDI, Hogan, Wave) and activities to increase understanding of self and others
  • developing coaching, leadership and facilitation skills within a group
  • …and many others depending on your people, needs and environment

Our clients, like us, are committed to (or curious about) action learning, self-development, awareness-raising and personal development.

Our consultants offer:

  • A high level of self-awareness
  • An understanding of group dynamics, defences and development paths
  • An understanding of typical defences and behaviours within groups that hinder effectiveness
  • Long-term experience of both how sophisticated and dysfunctional work groups typically operate and the relationships and pathways between these modes of being
  • Well-tested ways to learn and enquire using existing situations and relationships for individual and group development and assessment
  • A variety of facilitation choices, activities and styles, all of which will raise awareness in different environments