At the Association of Facilitators we are committed to support the good practice and professional development of all facilitators.  We place a high value on supervised practice, and for our Accredited Members this standard is integral to their accreditation. 

As a benefit of their membership Accredited and Affiliate Members are invited to attend a group supervision day per year (two or more choices of dates will be made available).

We offer Group Supervision, as this is more conducive with the role of Group Facilitator.  It provides a rich environment for participants to experience themselves in relation to their group role, and it is easier within a group to replicate and review material from client groups.  Within the group each individual receives opportunity to explore any issues pertaining to their facilitation practice.

We also recognise that practitioners have differing roles, and requirements.  For some their supervision will be ‘in-house’ with a colleague, for another it may a peer learning group, for others it will be non-managerial supervision, or counselling supervision.

The importance of supervision as a space for continuing professional development, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reflection on practice and personal performance
  • Inquiry into responses, reactions, attitudes
  • Self regulation and attending to personal limitations
  • Insight into the relationship between themselves and their client groups
  • Debrief of difficult assignments, and discharge of stress

Supervision days are led and structured by an AoF Group Supervisor, and all members are encouraged to be actively involved.  Participants report that they receive substantial benefit from the peer supervision of others as well as from being the 'client' themselves.

Costs, Dates, Location and Application

Supervision Days (10am- 4.30pm) are run near Reading and in Central London and one session is available to all Affiliate and Accredited Members as a benefit of their membership. Further sessions can be booked at a cost of £400 per person.  Supervision groups are limited to 8 people.

Next dates: 29th February, 12th July 2016