About Us

The Association of Facilitators (AoF) is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting facilitators through high quality training, accreditation and supervision.  

We exist to support everyone working as a facilitator, including managers, leaders, development professionals and consultants working with private, public, charity and education bodies — in fact, anyone, in any industry, who leads groups and teams.

The founders of the AoF have been working at the sharp end of facilitation and consulting for many years and launched the AoF in response to two major needs.  First, an increasing demand for high quality accreditation and training programmes that reflect today’s business and social structures.  Second, the need of individual facilitators for a professional “home” which gives them both practical support and opportunities for development.

Our Aims, Values & Vision

We aim to provide the highest quality support, learning and development for new and experienced facilitators.

We believe that facilitation skills are essential for healthy leadership, management and participation in groups, and that these skills can be developed by anyone, working at any level, with any group.  Fundamentally, we encourage and support individuals to discover and develop their own style of facilitation for maximum presence and impact.

We believe that representing facilitation as a profession in its own right has benefits beyond those for the individual facilitator or the groups that they work with and contributes towards a more healthy and connected way of being. 

Our vision is to increase the skill level of individuals in order to generate healthy and positive outcomes for the groups that we all live and work among.