Learning Days are an excellent opportunity for all facilitators (new, experienced and occasional) to meet, review and share good practice.  These days are open to all AoF members and also offered as a Taster Day for those who are new to AoF and wish to work and learn in a collaborative environment.  Do share details with those you know and feel free to come along if you want to find out more about the Association of Facilitators.

Our Learning Days offer a rich day of enquiry, collaborative learning and a gentle stretch. Participants leave with new ideas, resources and a refreshed practice having made and renewed connections.

How can the outdoors help us be better facilitators?

Studies have shown that outdoor learning correlates with greater group bonding and cohesion, enhanced learning outcomes, more creative thinking, well-being, concentration, behaviour, memory, and confidence.

Based around a campfire, we’ll explore different ways of answering the question of how nature can help us be better facilitators, using our head, heart and hands, and reconnecting to the wisdom of nature.

Activities might include: a nature quest, a sit spot, the way of council.

You'll leave feeling restored, energised, and inspired.

Cost are £80 members, £100 non-members, and lunch and refreshments are provided. Places are limited so please book early to secure a place. To book, please email us or call us on 0203 282 7128.

Our 2024 Learning Days (10am-4pm) will be held on:

  • 18th March 2024 – Constellations
  • 21st October 2024 - Topic TBC

18th March 2024 - Topic - Constellations

For our March 2024 Learning Day, Bella Mehta will provide an introduction to working with Constellations.  The Constellations approach allows individuals to explore the quality of connections, and enhances our skills for effective relationships within groups, organisations and wider systems. It is a gentle and connected way of working and even short sessions can bring fresh perspective and insight in surprising and practical ways.  As well as learning some of the basic principles of working with organisational and systemic constellations, we will offer space to experiment with applying the approach to real-world situations and dynamics.  A short closing session will link the day’s learning with your facilitation practice, whatever shape or stage you are at.

The Constellations approach is a visual and spatial way of working that combines insights from family therapy (Bert Hellinger), Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and other humanistic and psychodynamic approaches.