15 October 2019 - Members' Showcase

For our Learning Day in October, we have invited members to showcase their practice, presenting a live theme or question to generate learning for themselves and others.


Energy and the Facilitator’s Journey:

The morning session, offered by Rachel Arkieson, Annaliese Glueckert and Jennifer Russell (a Certificate Level Peer Group), will be an enquiry into energy in the facilitator’s journey.

The session will explore the ebb and flow of energy through the stages of a facilitation. The stages include hearing about a facilitation opportunity , undertaking the design process, delivery and post-event reflection and learning. Why does some facilitation drain our energy? Why do we get a high from some facilitation?

We will explore how different activities and situations have an effect on our energy, how this affects the task and potentially the outcome. And what role do we take on as a facilitator, are we responsible for the outcome or even accountable, how much is this influencing our energy, our desire to help or even challenge the group?

Ultimately, we will be asking, how can we harness our energy to have a positive effect on facilitation and support our own wellbeing?

Facilitating weather and climate change discussions in an international development context

In the afternoon, Becky Venton, Accredited at Level 1, who has been facilitating the co-production of weather forecasts in East Africa will offer us insights and reflections on working in an international development context:

The session will explore:

  • Facilitating in different cultures - insights from international development work in country - really getting to know who you are working with
  • User engagement - finding out what people need when it comes to weather and climate information
  • Co-production - facilitating not training - the knowledge and skills required, especially with respect to ‘valuing'

The Showcase Learning Day will offer both presenters and participants a rich day of enquiry, collaborative learning and a gentle stretch.

‍Places are limited so please book early to secure a place. To book, please email us or call us on 0203 282 7128.